Friday, May 13, 2011

1MB Savvy Saveurs: Savings and Sweepstakes 5/12/11 (posted 5/13 due to technical difficulties!)

Sorry this week's edition is late!  Blogger was down for the count since Wednesday and I was only able to access my account now!

So without further ado...savings and sweepstakes uncovered this week - click here to follow me on Twitter for instant updates on the latest discoveries :)
Happy grazing!

  • Providence is celebrating their 6th anniversary with a 5-course prix fixe dinner for $70 during the month of June!  Menu changes daily.  Call for details and reservations: (323) 460-4170 or reserve through OpenTable (though this one doesn't offer points)


This is meant to be an easily digestible (yes, I did) report of third party offers - I am not the sponsor nor affiliated in any way with any of the companies listed above. I do not receive any payment for these listings. Please read offer details / official rules carefully before deciding whether to submit your information.


To get more mileage for your money everyday - see Get More Bites Outta Your Budget. Check out my Sweepstakes Page "Win Your Next Bite" - for more foodie promotions!

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