Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Go To Travel (Uniqlo) Hoodie

5 Reasons It’s My Favorite Travel Jacket

It’s been so fortunate for me to be able to travel for work and play quite a bit the past few years.  I’ve picked up a few habits and items along the way that have helped make my trips as seamless as possible.  Today I wanted to share one of my go-tos - because it’s had such an impact on making endless trips through airports so much easier - hope it will be useful for you as well!

May I present: the Uniqlo hoodie.  Why do I love it so?


5.  It’s relatively lightweight while being highly effective at retaining heat (I'm always cold in airplane cabins)

4. Water resistant and hooded, it doubles for cover during light rain (so you don't have to juggle an umbrella while trying to wrangle luggage, if any part of your trek to/from ground transportation is open air).  Also stain resistant.

3. Structured, color-fast and durable: stands up to dozens of washes without fading, pilling, or getting flaccid, so even though I’m wearing a hoodie, I can still maintain an alert Type A vibe, and not look like I just crawled out of bed and pulled a 10 year old sweatshirt off the nearest pile of clothes on the floor :P. This hoodie almost looks ‘professional’! :)

2.  It doesn’t wrinkle no matter how I may shove it into luggage / carryons

1. Game changing *vertical*, super roomy  pockets on the *inside*.   This is my #1 reason for maintaining a fleet of these hoodies in my wardrobe specifically for travel.  There is enough room to hold my:

  • passport (pockets in other hoodies made for an average sized Asian woman never seem to be big enough for this)
  • earphones (x2 because iPhone ones don't plug into in flight entertainment systems, sigh!)
  • USB charging cable
  • packet of tissues 
  • antibacterial hand wipes
  • phone 
    All of which I need immediate access to for my settle in routine on a flight. I then don’t have to hold up everyone coming down the aisle by digging for them in my carryon before stowing into the overhead bins, nor irritate row mates rummaging through my bag.

Of these, THE most important feature is that the inner pockets on both sides are vertical offering convenience, safety and security at the same time - most hoodies only have the diagonal slit pockets outside, and that would put me in constant fear of items dropping out in transit, or the zipped diagonal slit pockets are not deep enough to fit the passport at all.  

Not only are the inner vertical pockets perfect storage spaces that allows me to conveniently access my passport/ID for counter agents, TSA, gate agents and customs officers/kiosks as needed, while being confident that that crucial travel document is not going to tumble out of my pocket unless I do something crazy like cartwheel through the Terminal...(yeah I'm nowhere near athletic enough for that anyway) the placement inside the hoodie adds another layer of security.  Once you zip your hoodie up, you’ve made it harder for people to pickpocket your passport.

Of course, the familiar outside pockets are still available to keep hands warm.

Oh and a bonus reason for travelers to love this hoodie? It’s an affordable price at $19.99. (Sometimes on sale for $14.90)

You can find it in-stores or online at Uniqlo.

Also, Deal Alert: Get $10 off your order of $75+ when you sign up to receive Uniqlo emails.

(No I have not been paid, not received any samples, to write about this hoodie: I’m writing because I love it so much and my only evil plan is to share with others so that hopefully people will keep buying this fabulous design, so hopefully Uniqlo will continue making it!!)


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