Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Holidays, eh!

Happy holidays, this year from the Pacific Northwest!
This year, my brother (the one who used to make 'igloos' in the shoveled snowbanks with me, the one who understands our secret gibberish words, who was game to chase down food trucks at some unholy hour of morning, the one who will always be my 'little' in age even when we're old and gray - even though he will forever be far more mature and wise beyond his years) - moved his family to Vancouver - so we're up here to explore the city and hopefully help them some with the settling in.

It's sometimes hard for me, at least remotely, to imagine his life as a family man - vs. just my kid brother.  But when I see how amazing he is with the kids, I am in awe of the incredible human being he's become, outside of the roles in which we knew him, a brother, a son.  And it's inspiring to see the beautiful spirits of his children, one a toddler and the other just an infant - but already full of personality, good-natured resilience, sweetness and light.

If I'm brutally honest, this is not something I can handle year round - being around small children and giving over life completely to their needs.  I am still entirely selfish that way - and I do treasure my independence too much.

But I think that when I'm away, I forget what it's like to be around family - the good as well as the challenging - and every year around this time I am reminded.   It's been nice, so far, and I am grateful for good health for all and the ability to use this time to reconnect.

So, cheers to a peace and joy-filled holiday season, and wishing all some time well spent with loved ones! :)


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