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'One More Bite' is about pushing limits - which pretty much sums up my philosophy about food and life in general!

Life's too short, time is precious and money is limited: what I can control is to make the best of what I've got and to spend it living to the fullest.  I spent too many years worrying and not enough living - and decided after getting out of a relationship that defined a large part of who I was for about a decade - that I don't want to look back on my deathbed and regret all the things I could have, would have done, 'if only' this or that.  I continue to learn and remind/push myself to do that every day.  Food,  travel and scuba are my first loves, so I am ever pushing my limits for one more taste, one more trip - and I started this blog to capture those memories and experiences. 

It's in my DNA to swoon over fine dining from Michelin-starred chefs as much as really creative, well executed mom and pop / emerging talent / street fare.  I also love a good story and a good deal, and will try almost anything once.  I've been told I ask a lot of questions, but how else are you supposed to get to know the people who cross your path, and loveliness that grace your taste buds, unless you ask?

I don't have any media entity funding my culinary excursions - so my reviews may be based on a single divine (or not) experience, and limited samplings before moving down the inexhaustible list of places I need to try before I die.  So take my posts with a grain of salt if you like.  I travel as much as I can, and will share my experiences with a culinary /adventure focus here as well.

Unless otherwise noted, visits are anonymous.  I am NOT paid for reviews.  If meals are hosted, it will be noted on the post.  My opinions are just that - personal points of view.

I love finding ways to get more mileage out of my meals, and am drawn to amazing culinary/travel prizes. When I find something fabulous I will share here.  

General tips / latest finds are compiled in my Get More Bites Outta Your Budget and Daily Specials pages. When you think you can't possibly...or wish you could...join me in going for it, one bite at a time.  Any comments or suggestions? Leave me a note!

Lastly, when not obsessing about food, I'm also an entertainment addict and daydreamer, so you might find references or posts about movies, TV shows, fun events and other random bits of deliciousness here as well.

Follow me on Twitter for breaking news on deals, sweepstakes, fun events etc.; on Instagram and Facebook for photos of my latest foodie / fun adventures in LA, Atlanta and beyond!

Happy grazing :)


All photos and content on the site are by and copyrighted to One More Bite Blog, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.  If you'd like to use any of my photos or content for a NON-COMMERCIAL piece, attribution to "One More Bite Blog" as the source and link back to this site is required, otherwise please send me an email first to discuss usage.  Photos and content must be used in their original state without alteration.  Written permission from One More Bite Blog is required before you can share any of the photos or content on this site for commercial purposes.  Thanks!


Price rating system key:

$$$$ (4 bite marks) = over $26 per entree, regular menu
$$$ (3 bite marks) = $16-$25 per entree, regular menu
$$ (2 bite marks) = $10-$15 per entree, regular menu
$ (1 bite mark) = under $10 per entree, regular menu

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