Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eat Your Drink Pop-Up at The Fat Dog North Hollywood!!!

Ever since I first sipped his truly mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind creations at a demo at Artisanal LA, and through his days at Library Bar, I've been a huge fan of Matt Biancaniello's cocktails - which he approaches more like a chef would his food, than a mixologist would his drinks: crafting with a ridiculous amount of boundless creativity and skill to perfect flavors, textures and presentation.

You know you've spotted a bar Matt's working at when the counter is so laden with herbs, flowers veggies and fruits that you can hardly see any counter surface.  There are ingredients (whether foraged or from the farmers market) you may have never seen or heard of; infusions upon infusions, combinations of flavors you would have never thought would go together. Like Pimm's Cup with lovage, thai basil, chamomile and ginger juice.  Or his latest sea urchin drink with strawberries and majoram with tequila.

And ever since he left the Library Bar, if you see him post a schedule, don't think - just drive, as fast as you can.

I almost don't want to share sometimes because the bar, the last two weeks, has already been packed with enthusiasts - and I'll be sad to make it harder on myself to access his work. But, he's just too good not to share.  Rooting for him to get his own permanent space soon!!!

What: Matt Biancaniello is doing pop-ups Wednesdays this summer at a bar/restaurant in North Hollywood!!!  Check out his latest creative concoctions from Lobster Ice Cream Cynar Affogatos to Padron Pepper Novo Fogo Cachaca with Plums & Parsley.  He uses ingredients from farmers markets so the drinks actually taste like they are good for you ;)

When: Wednesdays through August, 6pm-11pm

Where: The Fat Dog, 11050 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 (back bar beyond patio)

How much: No admission charge - just pay for what you order!  Drinks range between $14-$18 each?  Very well worth it - you won't be able to get these kinds of cocktails elsewhere.


Anticipated drool factor: 200%!!! Don't miss your chance to experience Matt's one of a kind cocktails.  Until he gets his own place (fingers crossed for him that it happens soon?), this is the best way to track Matt and his amazing drinks down!

He'll also be at a one-day only pop-up at Sweet Rose Creamery (mid-city location) on July 19th, 4-7pm, to offer in collaboration with Chef Shiho, a kombu and white balsamic Negroni ice cream!

Catch these if you can!!!


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