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Holiday Bites: Top Gift Ideas for Your Fav Foodie / Jetsetter 2016

The holidays are officially upon us again. If you procrastinated like I did and are now scrambling wondering what to get the food / drink lover in your life, here are some ideas that may have you going PayPal credit to enable double-downs (my gifting philosophy when it comes to cool foodie items seems to default to: one for you, one for me ;)).

All gifts are under $150, and where scaled options or deals / discounts are available, I have noted them below each product description.

1. For the Multi-tasking Overachiever / Cocktail Enthusiast / Closet Alcoholic

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For the overachiever never content with focusing on 'one thing at a time': give the gifts that do double duty: decorative and functional at the same time, like these ornaments filled with craft / high end spirits that are sure to lift theirs.

Bonus tip:  if your recipients are local, bring them a mini Rosemary tree from your local tree lot or grocer, to hang their ornaments on, and they will be able to use the tree to enhance their mixology experiments this holiday.

Buy from: 
  • Gin filled: 30 pounds
    Photo credit: BoozyChristmas' Etsy page
  • Bourbon: Woodford Reserve, Bulleit and many others by BoozyChristmas from $14

2. For the Cubicle Warrior Foodie

Add a little bit of fun to any office setting, with items sure to get foodies over their morning - afternoon slumps and into the bright beacon of lunch hour / dinner time.

Mix and match the below according to your recipient's fav cuisines and to fit your budget.
Bonus tip: Papyrus has this amazing birthday card topped by pieces of 3D plastic nigiri that you could repurpose with a little bit of craftiness as a holiday card to complete the set!

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3. For the Coco for Coconuts / Fresh Fruit Fanatic

Love fresh coconut water straight from the shell, but afraid of hacking off a finger or two with that meat cleaver? With this brilliant tool kit, you can gift that coconut fan the gift of DIY, safely - just place the round shaped metal tool over the top of the coconut and mallet it down to break through the shell, in a shape perfect for putting a straw (and maybe an umbrella) through and also to scoop out that luscious coconut meat after. And save them from having to feed their addiction at Whole Foods with their whole paycheck (and waiting for someone from the produce department to open the coconut for you).

Buy from: 
  • Deluxe pack: $88.95 includes complete kit of everything you need to serve up a freshly cracked young coconut: one each of Coco Jack, mallet, scoop tool, noodler tool, mat, baby brush, sack and two coco sippers.
  • Coco Jack pack: $49.95 includes base kit of one Coco Jack, mallet, scoop and sack
4. For the Jetsetting Foodie Always in Search of Next Taste Adventure

Pull together a travel / food themed care package to fuel that wanderlust throughout the year with inspiration.

  • Lonely Planet magazine - one year subscription to stories from the most adventure filled locations in the world to give them ideas for their next trip
  • World Map necklace - let them wear their heart (and mind) on their sleeve close to heart with a lovely world map silhouette cast in gold
  • Scratch off map - for the globetrotter to mark where they have been, and easily see what remaining ground they need to cover
  • Try the World - subscription box off food finds from a new country every month.  Can include ingredients with recipes, gourmet snacks, drinks - whatever treasures their curators find and pull together for your lucky recipient that month.  Occasionally they will even have special edition releases where highlights from different countries on the same theme will be offered, like this month's holiday edition with buttery toffees from South Africa and date spread from Israel.

Buy from:

5. For the Black Truffle Enthusiast

What's more beautiful in this world to a foodie than a fragrant black truffle? 

Pair it with dark chocolate and you have this pun-and-foodie worthy treat from Urbani, the most esteemed and prolific distributor of European truffles and truffle products in the world.

And if you have the gumption to chase it down, there is an all natural PĂ©rigord-truffle infused vodka that is distilled five times and triple filtered, very elusive in the US that could be amazing for a truffle lover to add to their collection (see buy from details below).

Buy from:
  • Black truffle chocolate truffle: Eataly $14.80
  • Black Moth truffle vodka: extremely limited distribution in the US, currently only noted as sold at Pemberton Fine Wines & Spirits in Vegas (contact them directly for details, or ask your local fine wines & spirits store how to get a hold of this)

6. For the Holiday Enthusiast Foodie (Who Just.Can't.Wait.For.Every.Day.In.December.)

Let them countdown to Christmas...with a daily dose of their favorite food or beverage from wine to beer to chocolate.

These lovely gift boxes have a compartment to be opened for each day in December til Christmas, with a surprise behind each. (Because I was so late to finish this post, at this point these gifts are probably on sale price which means your recipient gets to drink / eat a LOT all at once :P, or savor it past holiday as the gifts that keep on giving)

The Vinebox is an especially fun one for single wine enthusiasts who want variety but don't want to open and waste good wine in giant bottles that can never be finished on their own: their brilliant 12 Day *by the glass* advent calendar includes:
  • 12 individual glasses of wine hand-curated for the holiday season
  • Includes Burgundy, Barolo, Bordeaux and more
  • Holiday-themed tasting notes and pairings

Hotel Chocolat Advent calendar in dark, milk and white chocolate:  yes, there are hotels built entirely built around the celebration of chocolate, and yes, they sell chocolate advent calendars.  Sweet dreams... :)

Buy from:

Happy holiday shopping!

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