Monday, February 16, 2015

Kreation Organic: Appropriately Named Amazebowls: Delicious First, Healthy as Beneficial Side Effect

My philosophy has been: what is the point in living, if you're not actually going to live?

I use it shamelessly to indulge in whatever I want, in terms of food, and sometimes in life in general.

We all have a finite time here.  To me, it's pointless to try to do everything you can to prolong life, if my life would consist of abstaining from all that makes life enjoyable, and constraining myself to flavorless dry meat and/or saltless/textureless plants, and sacrificing every free moment I have to be in the gym in endless repetitions of repetitions, day, week, year in and out.

But of course, you still have to do something to enable yourself to keep going, you know, with the indulgence.  System breakdown would not be good either.

So it's fantastic when I come across that rare edible that is tasty FIRST, and healthy as a secondary benefit.

With thankfully tasty cold pressed juice as my 'gateway drug' to healthy alternatives, I was excited to come across Kreation Organic in Toluca Lake recently.

Their tiny storefront is to healthy drinkers / eaters, like a candy store is to sugar addicts.  Not only do they have a big selection of refreshing organic, cold pressed juice blends - some with fun names like 50 Shades of Green - they also have tonics as 'shots' that you can take for various concerns like Sleep or Decongestant (I love that they are labelled for their function, so you can pick up the right 'natural cure' accordingly without holding up the line with a lengthy consultation with the storekeeper).

But, beyond all this, my favorite 'discovery' (that probably everyone who eats healthy has already known about for, forever) is their Amazebowls.  These are so packed with fresh, perfectly ripe fruits and so skillfully balanced with just the right amount of housemade, perfectly crunchy granola - that you forget that they are also the much overused phrase that has become unfortunately 'trendy' and often associated (for people who don't actually have medically diagnosed food allergies) with food-fussiness, and anathema to foodies (who don't have diagnosed food allergies): gluten-free.

The Amazon bowl is my favorite so far:  it's made of blended acai juice, banana, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, almond butter, topped with apple, bee pollen, raw honey, strawberries, bananas, and gluten free granola.  It tastes like a happy, lucky farmer with access to perfectly ripened fruits plucked them from his backyard, put them in a bowl, which he then places under some gorgeous flowers and shook them to dust it with bee pollen, and toasted up some fresh oats to sprinkle on top. 

Açaí, for those unfamiliar, is a berry from a palm tree found in Amazonian rainforests.  It's delicious: a flavor-forward fruit that tastes like blackberries with a hint of raspberry and dark chocolate.  And it's gained fame as a superfood as it's rich with antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. 

Bee pollen is the second superfood, which adds a clean, lovely crunch to this juicy bowl: it's packed with proteins, free amino acids, and vitamins including B-complex and folic acid.  Apparently if you took some bee pollen and put it next to beef, eggs, or cheese of the same weight, the bee pollen would beat all of those foods in amount of amino acids.
Textures and flavors are well balanced, and at a VERY generous serving that will fill you as either a mid-morning snack or even lunch, at $9.95 (think about how much organic fruit / superfruit you are getting in the bowl for that price!).

And yes, for those who care: there are still a lot of natural fruit sugars - but it's definitely a much better alternative to processed cereals, pastries, energy bars or any foods along those lines that you might have eaten instead.

I love it for being good for me, without me having to 'give up' anything.  I actually find myself craving the Amazon Amazebowl, and have already decided that this will be part of my new routine, after workouts that I enjoy (e.g. BarWorks / Sculptworks), to get my fix at Kreation Organic.

(Juice blends run from $7.95 to $10.95.  Premium juices ($10.95) are served in glass bottles, which you can return for $1 back: better for your wallet, better for the environment.  #Good)


Kreation Organic 
10115 Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA 91602
Ph: 818.761.1348

(Many other locations including Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica,Venice..see website for more info)
Twitter: @kreationjuice  


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