Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brew/Well: Case of the Addictive Chocolate Cake and Art of Tea (CLOSED)

Ever had a food that you literally dream about, and find yourself steering against that hypnotic voice on your GPS telling you to turn left, when your body knows better than to fight your cravings?

I'd never even been a fan of chocolate cake at all - until I encountered chef John Park's incredible, aptly named 'Recklessly Chocolate' cake at a humble cafe in Koreatown.  A modern, airy, unassuming space attached to a Korean supermarket (Assi) - where you might least expect the tastiest piece of chocolate cake you possibly may ever have in your life.

Yes, that good.

The Recklessly Chocolate cake ($5) is made with a Guinness gel and chocolate glaze, which may only be partly responsible for the crazy addictiveness of this treat - it's also in the super light, yet flavor-packed chocolate mousse.  And ultimately, I love that it's a single layer of (deliciously moist flavor bomb of) devil's food cake in between two layers of chocolate mousse, where most cakes would have the cake to mousse ratio the other way round.

I knew I loved chef Park's ice cream, and now I'd developed an addiction to his chocolate cake, as well. Which unfortunately for this valley dweller is not sold at Quenelle in Burbank.  But it's totally a 'destination' item for me and completely worth the drive - especially when you can have your pick of places to have fantastic dinner beforehand, in the area, as well.  And, I've made it a 'rule of 3' every time I've been back to Brew/Well for that cake - all for me.

So aside from the fantasmagoric cake, Brew/Well serves fresh brewed Art of Tea teas that I love any time of day.

Daytime: iced teas like PJL ($5) passionfruit jasmine tea sweetened with honey and lychee puree, always hits the spot on a blazing summer day.

'Nightcap': their carefully brewed Art of Tea Egyptian Camomile tea ($3) is caffeine free and helps me ease into a restful night of sleep like nothing else can (quality sleep is priceless...)

The serenity of the spacious cafe, with tables as well as limited counter seating, is perfect for a nice afternoon of writing - if only I lived closer!

Need to go back again for my fix soon...

[Deal Alert: get a loyalty stamp card: buy 9 drinks get the 10th one free (up to $4 value)!]


3525 W. 8th St., Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Ph: 213.384.0884

Parking: Free in attached open air lot


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