Monday, November 14, 2011

Ahn Joo - Bringing Korean 'Seoultown' Snacks to Suburbia

Ahn Joo is the latest success story of passionate food entrepreneurs pulling themselves up by their apron strings (and forward by their gourmet food truck keys) and eventually making it to brick and mortar (I'm still rooting for you to open this week, Coolhaus Culver City!).

Chef Debbie Lee has found a new home in a humble but high traffic kiosk at The Americana at Brand in Glendale (The Grove of the SFV) - a little oasis in the relatively barren (in culinary terms) lands of suburbia. 

The place just opened last Thursday, so I'll save the review for later, but since they haven't posted their menu online yet, thought I'd make myself useful and share a pic of it that I took at lunch today!

 I love the location too, it's right next to the elegant central water fountain in the complex - with patio tables set up for no fuss outdoor dining - perfect for a soul-reviving lunch hour in the sun.  And now we have a gourmet take on Korean 'Seoultown' snack food option for those of us who don't work within lunchtime driving distance of Ktown.

Also, now that the holiday decorations are up (they keep pushing that earlier and earlier, don't they?  It's not even Thanksgiving yet!) it's even more festive and lovely to sit out there (as long as you've got your winter jacket on).

They didn't have Magnolia Chile Chicken Meatballs - which I really wanted to try - when I went, but here is a quick pic of the Bacon Wrapped Rice Cylinders with Jalapeno Ponzu ($5) that I got for lunch.

More pics and review to come.


Ahn Joo
The Americana at Brand
668 American Way, Suite fp5 (in front of Pacific Theaters, next to fountain), Glendale, CA 91210
Ph: 818.242.3793


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  1. Overpriced small portions of greasy food. What a disappointment:( It took over 15 minutes to get low quality fast food when the place was empty, not to mention the sick employee getting snot all over the food ewwwwww



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