Monday, August 8, 2011

Farmers Markets on the Rise Nationwide

An article in USA Today just announced that Farmers Markets have been blossoming around the nation - "more than 1,000 farmers markets have opened in the past year, up 17% from 2010".

This is fantastic news for those of us who support buying local, sustainable practices, and community!

We are lucky here in SoCal to have such easy access to an abundance of fresh produce year round, via a cornucopia of markets around the city. has a helpful list, that I recently re-organized into a spreadsheet by day of week:  because I sometimes want to check out different ones for different offerings, want to go on a spur of the moment, or wake up too late for my closest one.  So, thought I'd share (with generous permission from!)

I'm gonna test out my Google Docs share function - hope it works! Click for a full schedule by day of week
Happy grazing!

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