Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teuscher Marrons Glaces - A Luminous Holiday Love Affair

Just before Halloween, Teuscher Beverly Hills announced the arrival of Marrons Glacés in their stores, for a limited run of several weeks.  Already a huge fan of Teuscher's amazing, luscious Champagne Truffles (if I had the opportunity to choose my last bite on earth, at this moment it would be a tie between a Laduree macaron and a Teuscher champagne truffle) - I was excited to see if their latest treat would live up to the hype.
Marrons glacés are candied chestnuts made by immersing and heating peeled and blanched chestnuts in a syrup solution, then drying them. A European delicacy that is particularly popular in France, especially during the holiday season (eaten on its own or as garnishes on desserts) these little bundles of joy originally gained fame in the Palace of Versailles under Louis the XIV.

A true marron glacé apparently takes several days to cook from start to finish, making it an expensive delicacy - one of these gold-foil wrapped chestnut treats at Teuscher Beverly Hills costs $5.25!

So, two was all I could afford at a time - but they were delicious, with just the right amount of subtle sweetness, and the chestnut was so tender that it falls apart on contact (ok, so you're supposed to eat it in one bite, but I was trying to make it last longer). 

And I leave you with a photo of a sunlit Marron Glace - the light really brings out the gorgeous semi-transparent amber / caramel colors in the treat.  This is one I will be looking forward to next year as another new personal holiday tradition!


Teuscher Chocolates Beverly Hills
9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Ph: 888.443.8992

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