Food Truck 411

Food trucks - obviously there are a ton, all over L.A. These are just the ones I've tried and/or liked / think I will like. Track them down via Twitter!


Bowers Gourmet Sausages - sausages "prepared, seasoned and produced with a blend of fresh, natural ingredients...without any preservatives".  Loved their basil chicken sausage and the aptly named 'crack fries'! They also have a bacon-wrapped sausage cheekily named 'The Chubby' - that is actually delicious ($6-$12)

The Bun Truck - concept is Korean + Mediterrenean fusion fare, the most interesting of which is the Spicy Pig, a 'sammie' made of gochujang marinated pork with sriracha and tzatziki sauces wrapped in a pita.  They also have 'bao' (white pillowy bread buns) with kalbi (korean bbq shortrib) and tempura onion fries! ($3-$7)

Cousins Maine Lobster - lobstah rolls with fresh flown from Maine lobsters and craft sodas (including blueberry soda). Founded by actual cousins from Maine, and who scored a deal on Shark Tank with Barbara Corcoran to launch a successful food truck, restaurant and home delivery business.  Their lobster bisque is awesome as well!

The Grilled Cheese Truck - the name says it all! Great gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches including a flavorful short rib grilled cheese.  Also serving mac and cheese with optional bbq pork and caramelized onions, shots of tomato soup, tater tots and dessert melts (~$3-$7.50)

Guerilla Tacos - creative tacos inspired by the diversity of LA.  Usually parked at Cognoscenti Coffee in Culver City Wednesdays at lunch, and outside a DTLA coffee shop on weekends for breakfast / brunch.  Serves anything from sea urchin scrambled egg tacos to shishito pepper quesadillas ($5-$8)

KogiBBQ - The truck that started it all...REALLY flavorful Korean BBQ meat/tofu tacos, burritos, kimchi quesadillas and more...(~$2-$7)

LobstaTruck - the only food truck to focus on lobster. Amazingly fresh lobster flown in from New England, on perfectly buttered and toasted New England traditional split top rolls (can ask for butter or mayo).  The crab roll is also pretty amazing.  Smart to serve their seafood rolls with fresh Lemonade.  New England clam chowder also offered but always sell out (~$9-$12)

Mandoline Grill - tender, juicy, deliciously fatty and incredibly flavorful pork Bahn Mi (the baguette's not amazing but the fillings are!).  They also serve fusion items like Vietnamese Tacos and Nachos ($5-$7); vegan friendly options also offered, but I need to have my meat, so didn't try these.

Phamish - Vietnamese Bahn Mi baguette sandwiches, pho, bun (~$5-$7)

Tainamite Truck - pan-Asian offerings.  I've only tried one dish here and it's really good for a food truck - and definitely not something I can get easily in West LA if not for this truck: Chinese Sausage Fried Rice with fried egg! (~$6.50-$9)

Takoyaki Tanota - specially grilled balls  with egg and flour shell, filled with octopus, green-onion, and tempura-soup base mix, topped with original sauce, mayo and green onion! (~$3-$5)

COOLHAUS - Architecture inspired handmade all-natural ice cream sammiches - choose your cookies and ice cream with flavors like orange julius shulman, coffee toffee, brown butter with candied bacon, and even foie gras with pepper and hazelnut, with a cool (and eco-friendly) edible wrapper! ($4-$7).  My absolute fav, that is like crack to me?  Balsamic Fig with Mascarpone ice cream, with apple fritter cookies.  Second fav = Pistachio Truffle!  Rotating flavors always offer a pleasant surprise - I've pretty much loved almost every flavor I've ever tried from them, including Strawberry Jalapeno. Also loved Lycee Vodka at their promotional Mozilla Firefox giveaway.  Nutella is also amazing.

Van Leeuwen - Classic and Vegan Ice Creams including Earl Grey flavor


For photos of my food truck finds, visit my GFT album on Facebook
*Pricing are estimates of main dishes, a la carte, for reference only and are subject to change without notice.


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